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Hollywood holding out on Obama?

President Obama is headed to Hollywood for a fundraiser next week. But what kind of reception will he receive, now that some of Hollywood's most liberal voices are questioning him more than ever?

Senator Obama road a wave of celebrity support, and cash, to the White House. But now, many of his big West Coast donors are questioning whether they can support Mr. Obama this time around.

A recent story in the Hollywood Reporter highlights the growing chasm, in part quoting an unnamed entertainment executive as saying, "It's like he's morphed into another person. ... He's not the idealistic guy we thought he would be. Everyone I talk to is disappointed."

But nobody we talked to on the red carpet before Sunday nights Emmy awards was disappointed, CBS's Terrell Brown reported on "The Early Show."

LL Cool J told CBS News, "For me, it's all about America doing better at the end of the day. ... And right now, I think he is trying his best to make it happen."

Josh Charles said, "I haven't seen anyone else that I would be remotely interested in having as president of the United States."

Christine Baranski said, "I believe in him. I believe he will be re-elected, and I'm going to do everything I can to help him. He's a really good guy."

With two upcoming fundraisers in Los Angeles, the president will get to see who's willing to put their money with their mouth is.

Tina Daunt, contributing editor for The Hollywood Reporter, who wrote the story about Mr. Obama for the publication, said the president is having problems with key Hollywood fundraisers, such as studio heads, agents and managers -- "the ones that really make the town run," she said.

"They are the ones who raise the money for him," she said. "And, right now, a lot of them are saying that they are really disappointed with him. They thought that he would be a very different president when they supported him four years ago. And now what they have seen is he's backed off on a lot of the key issues that were important to them, ranging from global warming to ending the war to closing down Guantanamo Bay. They are just wondering where he stands, and they also thought that he would be a far more charismatic president, that he would be a really strong leader and able to unite the nation, and they haven't really seen that and are disappointed."

So what are these Hollywood types going to do with their money going forward?

Daunt said, "This is a very crucial time for them, and when they have the most political leverage. His fundraisers are calling and asking for money and they're saying, 'No, I'm not going to give right now. I am really frustrated with some of the things that he is doing.' I mean, ultimately, if he ends up in a competitive race, especially against someone like (Texas Gov. Rick) Perry or (Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota), I mean, you will see them all coming out and supporting him, but right now, there's a tremendous amount of frustration, and a lot of them are holding out, they are on the sidelines. And although he'll be out here in a week and he is probably going to make over a million dollars and sell out the fundraisers, they are nothing compared to what it was here four years ago."

She continued, "This time, four years ago, everybody was going up to Montecito (Calif.), where they raised $3 million. He's not getting that sort of reception here. They are doing a lot of arm-twisting to get people to come to the fundraisers to support him."

Though that could change, Daunt said many of the key figures in Hollywood are waiting to see what kind of race the president will face.

She said, "A lot of people are waiting to see, you know -- if he is going to be elected anyway, they are thinking, 'Maybe our money would be better spent somewhere else."'