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Holiday light show set to "Gangnam Style" music

(CBS News) With Thanksgiving over, we at The Feed can now shift our attention now to some seasonal fun. And to kick off our first post dedicated to the holidays we have a little item that takes the pop culture music phenomenon that is Psy and blends it together with a crazy light show.

The music mixed with seasonal festivities video was posted by YouTube user ListenToOurLights who writes about their holiday light show video:

Gangnam Style by PSY done to Christmas Lights

In the past we had looked forward to seeing amazing light shows put out by YouTube user KJ92508, but recently discovered that he could no longer do them. Which made us all sad. So it's great to see that someone out there on the Internet is filling the void left behind! And if you'd like to see more crazy light shows from ListenToOurLights, you can visit their website by clicking here.
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