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Holiday Gifts For Fido And Fluffy

Pet owners spend an estimated $36 billion on their furry friends each year, and some of that goes toward holiday gifts for them.

The Early Show resident veterinarian, Dr. Debbye Turner, has some cool gift ideas for Fido and Fluffy:

GoDogGo is an automatic fetch machine for dogs. It's a bucket-sized container that launches tennis balls for your dog to go fetch. GoDogGo comes with a remote control, six tennis balls, and training tips. It's battery-powered, or can work with an included AC adapter. Dog owners can control the launch distance and frequency with the remote. They can even train their dogs to return the tossed balls to the bucket. GoDogGo will provide hours of exercise, fun and entertainment for your dog. This is the perfect toy for very playful, or home-alone dogs.

KongTime is an entertainment and feeding system designed for home-alone dogs. It can be programmed to automatically dispense Kong toys at random times for up to eight hours, total. KongTime comes with four Kong toys that can be filled with food or treats. The system is easy to use and will keep your dog entertained throughout the day. KongTime comes with batteries, and sample packs of Stuff' N paste and biscuit products to stuff the Kongs with.

Plush designer toys can be found at Petshop, a new boutique filled with clothing and trinkets for dogs, at This collection of toys from celeb fave Haute Diggity Dog is the perfect gift for animal lovers or your pooch. Shoe hounds will love the Bark Jacobs and Jimmy Chew doggie toys. Also available are Sniffany & Co., Chewy Vuitton, and Manolo Barknik plush toys. They are the perfect size for small and medium breeds. These poly-stuffed toys each come with a squeaky ball inside.

The Louis Vuitton monogram dog collar is a stylish and elegant accessory for your dog. You can match your purse to your pup!

Gucci pet bag: Neiman Marcus sells a selection of dog accessories, including a Gucci carrier that can also serve as a purse. It's a stylish way to tote your pooch around. The large carrier has a signature green and red web strap, double-zip side opening, and removable, washable interior cushion. Includes a short, attached leash with clip.

The Ugg Doggie Duffel is the perfect gift for any dog lover. The bag, like the boots, keeps small dogs warm and dry while traveling during the cold winter months.
$260; available at Neiman Marcus or

Kwigy-bo Oregon Parka: Kwigy-bo makes clothing and fashion accessories for the four-legged fashionista. The company offers an entire winter wardrobe for your pup, created by co-designers Olivia Corwin and Tenelle Clement. Celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson and Hillary Duff dress their pups in Kwigy-bo clothing. The Oregon Parka is designed to keep your dog warm in the cold winter months. The quilted parka features a detachable fur hood and detachable sleeves that turn it into a vest for warmer days. It is available in silver, black, pink and green.

3M Pet wipes are made with cleaning, deodorizing, and moisturizing ingredients to keep your pet clean between baths. They're made from a heavy-duty cloth that's enriched with vitamin E and aloe. 3M Pet wipes can be used to eliminate odors and will give your pet's coat a shiny look. They are available in a re-sealable pouch of eight wipes and are convenient to carry just about anywhere.
$4.99; available at stores such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Rite-Aid

The Scratch Absorber is designed to fulfill your cat's scratching needs with its stable, upholstered post. The post is made with woven textured fabrics that are similar to a couch, which is why cats like it so much. The Scratch Absorber comes with high tension Velcro, which allows for easy mounting. The post can be mounted at the height you desire, based on how far your cat stretches. Available in blue and natural beige.

My Personal Pet Book is a custom-made picture book about your pet. All you have to do is go to the Web site, pick out an adventure story, take 12-15 pictures of your pet, and send them to My Personal Pet Book. The company creates an adventure story using your pictures, then send you a hard-bound, full-color book starring your pet. It actually looks like your pet is exploring a jungle, visiting a zoo, etc., based on which story you choose. You can also purchase a gift certificate for someone to create his or her own book. It usually takes about three weeks for them to create your book.

Stones of Glass hand-makes custom artwork of your pet. The company makes etched portraits ($75-85), stained glass steppingstones, memorial steppingstones ($110), and sun-catchers ($30). These keepsakes are a unique and artistic way to show or remember your pet. Stones of Glass designs its artwork from your photographs or from their own wide range of artists' designs.

GlobalPetFinder is the first patented GPS location device for pets weighing 35 pounds or more. Put the five-ounce tracker on your pet, and the GPS system creates a "virtual fence" around any area you decide to let your pet roam free. If your pet goes outside of the boundaries, you will receive an alert, and location updates every minute until your pet is found. The updates can be sent to your cell phone, PDA, or computer. Dial F-O-U-N-D from your cell phone to find your pet's location on demand. Comes with the GlobalPetFinder, snap guard, batteries, and a charger.
$350 plus $35 activation fee;

Small wrought-iron buttercup bed: Funky Fido and Co. makes these wrought-iron beds, which come complete with a dust ruffle, ultra-comfort mattress, handmade quilt, and matching pillows. The beds are available in two sizes: small and medium. The small bed holds up to 30 pounds and is available in four patterns: white garden, bronze squire, black arch and dark toffee arched. The medium bed holds up to 50 pounds and is available in the black hammered style only. The drawer that's attached to the bed is a good place to store toys or extra bedding. Bedding for both size beds is available in seven color tones: pastel pink, bright pink, pastel blue, denim blue, black/taupe, black/cream, country brown, and red and yellow tones. The quilts are handmade and the beds can be custom-made to match your home.

Crate Haven designer crate solutions: Crate Haven's fine furniture is built as entertainment centers or end tables that double as cozy crates for your dog. They're designed to bring elegance to the pet owner's home. Crate Haven's solid maple furniture is very durable. The furniture comes in three styles and nine different wood finishes, and is available with custom finishes and sizes. Nightstands, side tables, occasional tables and armoires are all available from Crate Haven. One end table is from the Avery Collection and is made for dogs weighing up to 25 pounds. Crate Haven contributes a small portion of its profits to New Horizon Service Dogs, Inc., a non-profit organization that breeds and trains service dogs for people with disabilities.

You Had Me At Woof" short-sleeved T-shirts are double-stitched and made of 100 percent pre-shrunk cotton. Available in small, medium, large and X-large. These T-shirts are also available saying "Who's your doggie?" and "Got woof?"

Carrying case: Detailed on the front with a "Juicy State of Mind" or "Couture Mon Amour" embroidery embellished with shiny studs and sparkling crystals, this case is perfect for transporting your little pup. Come with a separate, zipped compartment for your essentials, and removable leather heart charm. Also has side mesh vents and Juicy logo cotton twill interior.