Hoekstra: House Will Move Forward With CIA Probe

Michigan Rep. Peter Hoekstra, the ranking Republican on the House Intelligence Committee, said his panel would move forward with its investigation into the destruction of videotapes capturing the harsh interrogation of terrorism suspects, despite pleas by the Justice Department for Congress to hold off.

"We will issue subpoenas," Hoekstra said on Fox News Sunday. "It's important for Congress to hold the CIA accountable."

Attorney General Michael Mukasey warned Congress Friday its investigation could impede the internal probe Justice initiated with the CIA.

"You've got a systemic problem here," Hoekstra said. "The community is incompetent. It is arrogant. And it...has become political."

Pressed about whether Hoekstra would call on CIA Director Michael Hayden to resign, the Michigan Republican said, "I think we'll hold Mike Hayden accountable."