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Hockey fan refused $50,000 for charity shot (VIDEO)

(CBS/AP) - Talk about going over the line. An insurance company is refusing to pay an Indianapolis contest winner who made an unbelievable full court hockey shot and was set to give his $50,000 prize money to charity.

They claim the man, Richard Marsh, stepped over the line and was therefore disqualified.

It is, of course, important to play by the rules. As the video shows, Marsh was over the line. But as the video also shows, he made the shot - a basically impossible goal from across the rink. And it's for charity!

The Indiana Ice, the minor league team hosting the event, have said they will make charity donations in honor of Marsh's ridiculous shot. Team owners Paul and Cindy Skjodt say their gifts to St. Vincent's Cardiovascular and the American Heart Association recognize the accomplishment of Richard Marsh.

Should the insurance company buck up the cash or play by the letter of the law?

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