History On Hold

The Last 48 Hours Since The Elections

Will the next winner of the White House be a matter for the courts? And when will the countdown be complete? It may be the greatest political mystery of all time. Two men - but only one will lead. 48 Hours covers the wait for a president.
The race to decide the presidency is venturing further into uncharted territory, leaving the outcome, and history itself, on hold.

In Palm Beach County, Fla., there will be a hand-counting of the ballots beginning Saturday, so this recount is sure to go until at least next week.

And the outcome could be a long way from settled - overseas absentee ballots are still uncounted. The level of acrimony between the two camps is escalating with voter protests building, and lawsuits looming.

Why Were Numbers Wrong?
View a transcript of the Web chat with CBS News' director of surveys, Kathleen Frankovic, following the 48 Hours broadcast.

Both the Bush and Gore campaigns are searching for any small opening, any angle to work that would pull the vote in their direction.

In the annals of presidential races, is there anything that can compare with these last 48 hours?

48 Hours looks at the highs and lows, all the twists and turns for two candidates and two campaigns, on a wild election ride.

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Bush and Gore were not the only two names on the presidential ballot. Ralph Nader is one who took a run at the White House, with nary a prayer of winning. But could the candidate of the Green Party be considerd the spoiler?

With two determined men, holding fast, there's questions: Is it time to wrap this up? Should anyone concede?

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