History Of Swissair Accidents

The Swiss Air Transport Company, Swissair, was formed in 1926. The following is a list of fatal accidents involving Swissair during the company's 67-year history.
  • July 27, 1934: A Curtis Condor plane crashes at Tuttlingen, Germany. Nine passengers and three crew members killed.
  • July 1, 1939: Five killed when a DC-2 crashes.
  • July 20, 1939: A J-86 plane crashes at Konstanz, Germany. Six people killed.
  • June 18, 1957: Nine crew members killed when a DC-3 crashes on Lake Constance, on Switzerland's border with Germany.
  • September 4, 1963: A Swissair Caravelle crashes near Duerrenaesch, Switzerland. Seventy-four passengers and six crew members killed.
  • February 21, 1970: A Caravelle 990 crashes at Wuerenlingen, Switzerland, after a terrorist bomb explodes. Nine crew and 38 passengers killed.
  • October 7, 1979: A DC-8 jet overshoots the runway at Athens while attempting to land and bursts into flames. Fourteen people are killed.
  • September 3, 1998: An MD-11 jetliner traveling from New York to Geneva crashes off the Canadian coast with 229 people.