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History Of Shootings In Congress

March 1, 1954
Three Puerto Rican nationalists stood in the gallery left of the speaker's rostrum and fired randomly at 243 representatives in the chamber. Five representatives were wounded. (The anniversary of the US invasion is this weekend.)

July 12, 1947
William Kaiser, who had lost his patronage job as a Capitol policeman, fired two shots at U.S. Sen. John Bricker of Ohio.

Feb. 28, 1890
Charles Kincaid of the Louisville Times shot and killed former Rep. William P. Taulbee of Kentucky on a House staircase after they quarreled over an article Kincaid wrote

Jan. 30, 1835
Richard Lawrence, a house painter, attempted to assassinate President Andrew Jackson from the Capitol Rotunda, from a distance of six feet. Both of his guns misfired and Jackson chased Lawrence away.