Hip-Hop Artist Drake Unplugged with Katie Couric

Katie Couric poses with Drake, Oct. 5, 2010. John P. Filo/CBS
Katie Couric sat down today with hip-hop artist Aubrey Drake Graham, known simply as Drake, to talk about fame, music, girls, his mother and rapper Lil Wayne -- the mentor who discovered this young talent by way of MySpace and shot him to hip-hop stardom.

Drake, a soft-spoken, Toronto-born child actor, who starred for eight years in television's "Degrassi: The Next Generation," admits he couldn't be more different from his mentor Lil' Wayne...a self-described 'gangsta' with face tattoos and dreads. And that difference is exactly what Drake remembers about one of Lil Wayne's first pieces of advice.

"Man, please be yourself," Drake recalls Lil Wayne telling him.

"Please don't ever try and be me or anybody else."

Watch the full interview:

@katiecouric: Drake

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