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Hillary's Bid For Senate

Republicans have already mounted a fierce campaign against the near-candidacy of First Lady Hillary Clinton for a New York Senate seat.

The Republican forces are led by, but not confined to, the campaign operation of New York City Mayor, Rudolph Giuliani.

Their first goal is to try to create such a hostile environment for Mrs. Clinton that she will decide, at the last hour, to veer away from the race; that is, never officially enter it. Because that appears unlikely right now, their second - and more realistic - goal is to damage her early and often, so much so that she will lose her Senate bid.

All of which is normal and expected in a campaign, especially one as expensive, heated and down-and-dirty as this New York Senate race is expected to be.

The First Lady continues her campaigning in northern New York state, usually a Republican strong-hold. She has thus far talked about what she stands for, what she has learned throughout her career, and WHY she wants to be a Senator.

For instance, Hillary learned from her experience as architect of the Clinton administration's failed national health care reform, that progress toward universal health care must be made in incremental steps.

She has taken a stance on at least one issue, assuring Jewish leaders that she considers Jerusalem the eternal and indivisible capital of Israel.

As to WHY she wants to be a Senator, the First Lady says that being a Senator will allow her to directly influence these issues.

But everywhere she moves, Republicans make sure there are anti-Clinton signs, shouts, and sound bites. And it has only just begun.

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