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Hillary Tours On Amid Flack

Hillary Rodham Clinton's "listening tour" of New York continues Monday morning when she visits Concord Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York.

On Sunday, Mrs. Clinton's remarks to Talk Magazine about the president were criticized by Republican Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, when he was interviewed on CBS' Face The Nation.

"I don't remember back in the 70s Mrs. Nixon saying Richard Nixon was involved in Watergate because he wet the bed when he was four or five years old," said McConnell. "This kind of psycho-babble that is put out as an excuse for everything that goes wrong -- that's a traditional kind of liberal approach."

McConnell was referring to the interview in which Mrs. Clinton said that traumas her husband endured as a child affected his behavior during their marriage.

But an essay in Sunday's New York Times by Orlando Patterson, a Harvard sociology professor, said that Mrs. Clinton was never justifying Mr. Clinton's behavior, merely explaining it.

"Conservative Americans are so committed to the principle of personal responsibility that they either deny or are hostile to any explanation of human action in sociological or psychological terms, fearing -- incorrectly -- that this implies people are not answerable for their sins," wrote Patterson.

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) was also on CBS' Face The Nation Sunday. When asked if he thought that Mr. Clinton is supporting his wife's possible senatorial run to save his marriage, Rangel made a wry reference to Mayor Giuiliani, her potential rival.

"I don't know anything about how to save marriages. I've been married for close to 40 years and I work every day trying to save my own," he said. "We've heard enough of the Clintons' marriage. We don't want to hear about Giuliani's marriage...Let's deal with the substantive issues."

Following Monday's visit to Brooklyn, Mrs. Clinton will be appearing in Queens on Tuesday.

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