Hillary Clinton On Matters Of The Heart

The important matters of state can wait: During a question and answer session in South Korea today, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked about the nature of love.

"I feel like more of an advice columnist than a Secretary of State today," Clinton joked at the start of her response.

"I am very lucky because my husband is my best friend and he and I have been together for a very long time," she continued. "Longer than most of you have been alive. And we have an an endless conversation. We never get bored. We get deeply involved in all of the work that we do and talk about it constantly and I just feel very fortunate that I have a relationship that has been so meaningful to me over my adult life."

Clinton said there really is no description for love.

"How does anybody describe love?" she asked. "I mean, poets have spent millenia writing about love. Psychologists and authors of all sorts write about it. I think if you can describe it you may not fully be experiencing it because it is such a personal relationship."

The secretary's comments come a week after Valentine's Day. Oddly enough, last Valentine's Day this reporter had a personal interaction with Clinton: She called with well wishes because my significant other was stuck on the campaign trail following the then-presidential candidate.

Click here to watch the phone call.