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Hillary Clinton Likes Chicken <i>and</i> Cows

Please don't ask Sen. HillaryClinton to choose between the agricultural products of her two adopted home states, Arkansas and New York. Caught snacking on New York apples at a Washington event she hosts to show off the state's AG, she says both have notable farm products.

"In Arkansas, we've got a lot of rice. We don't grow that in New York. We've got lots of soybeans, don't grow much of that in New York," says Clinton. "New York is a fruit and vegetable state, a dairy state, an equine and wine state." In Arkansas, she boasts, "poultry is huge." But pick one over the other? "There's no comparison. It would be like, 'Do you like your son or your daughter better?' " Oh, and she loves to grill New York veggies and steaks.

By Paul Bedard

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