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Hillary Clinton joins Pinterest

Hillary Clinton has amplified her presence on social media by joining Pinterest.

The Democratic presidential candidate has a Pinterest page on which she's "pinned" pictures, inspirational messages and links to merchandise. Her various Pinterest "boards" include the categories "Women who Inspire," "Memorable Moments," and "What we're Fighting for."

On one board called "Summer Style," the campaign writes it will pin "everything you need for fun in the sun, including outfits, crafts, and party ideas. Life's better with no ceilings." That includes a grill spatula that allows you to brand burgers with the campaign's "H" logo, as well as an apron that reads "More like Grillary Clinton, amirite?"

The "Summer Style" board also includes a recipe for "Hillary Clinton's chocolate chip recipe," harkening back to a famous quote from Clinton's past: "I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession which I entered before my husband was in public life," Clinton said in 1992, defending her career during her husband Bill Clinton's presidential primary campaign.

The mix of traditionally feminine "pins" with quotes from inspirational women speaks to Pinterest's popularity with women. In January, the Wall Street Journal reported that 42 percent of online U.S. women use Pinterest, while 71 percent of the site's visitors in December were women.

While Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign focused more on her managerial credentials, she's expected to run this time as an unabashed champion for women's issues.

In February, Republican 2016 candidate Rand Paul's team set up a fake Pinterest page for Clinton, which it used to attack the Democrat. Pinterest removed the page a few days later.

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