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Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama's Secretary Of State?

Could the Obama administration-elect finally be making a good move? Say it ain't so, O!

The Washington rumor mill is rife with reports there are serious talks ongoing between the Obama transition team and Sen. Hillary Clinton.

I have mixed feelings about Clinton taking the job, but I have nothing but praise for the Obama transition team for considering her seriously. She's a highly credible figure in international relations and could do much to repair the damage the Bush administration has done to America's reputation abroad.

As Secretary of State, Clinton would remain in the spotlight and continue as a role model for future generations of American women.

But would running the State Department be the best career move for her? That depends upon her ultimate career goals: Does she wish to run for president again in 2016? (She can't possibly run against Obama in 2012.) If so, it would probably burnish her reputation to spend at least one term as Secretary of State, versus as a "senator without portfolio" (no major committee chairmanships) as she is now. Supreme Court justice? Too low-profile for Clinton, methinks.

So let's hope the rumors prove true and it would make for a much more interesting next four years.

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By Bonnie Erbe

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