Hijack scare, WWII bomb at Amsterdam airport

Updated at 9:28 a.m. Eastern.

(CBS/AP) Holland's Ministry of Defense scrambled two military fighter jets to escort a Spanish passenger plane amid fears that the aircraft might have been hijacked, but the airline involved denied any trouble, saying the incident was the result of failed communications between the crew and the control tower.

The Vueling airbus from Malaga, which was reportedly carrying 183 people, flew into Schiphol without radio contact. A spokesperson at Vueling tells CBS News correspondent Monica Villamizar the control tower couldn't reach the pilots during landing, and this triggered the emergency protocol by officials at Schiphol. Vueling says they spoke to the pilot and confirmed there were no issues on board the flight, which was isolated at Schiphol.

Part of Schiphol was already evacuated Wednesday after workers unearthed a suspected World War II bomb near the airport's main terminal.

Schiphol is one of Europe's busiest aviation hubs.

Airport spokeswoman Karin Heldeweg said Schiphol's Pier C was shut down for arriving and departing flights while bomb disposal experts checked the suspected explosive and decided what to do with it.

The airport warned passengers that the pier's closure could lead to delays and cancellations. Around noon (1000 GMT), Schiphol's website showed many flights to and from the airport delayed and departures to destinations including Glasgow, Scotland, Gothenburg, Sweden, and Frankfurt, Germany, cancelled.

The suspected bomb was uncovered early Wednesday by workers digging trenches near the pier to lay pipes. The pier houses many of Schiphol's departure and arrival gates.

Nazi forces who occupied the Netherlands in WWII took over Schiphol and used it as a base for Luftwaffe aircraft. It was repeatedly bombed by Allied air forces.

The scare at Schiphol came a day after a World War II bomb was detonated in the German city of Munich, sparking fires in several nearby buildings that had been evacuated after the bomb was discovered Monday.