Highway sex, followed by chase, then armed confrontation, say Fla. police

Generic Arrest : Hands in cuffs over crime scene tape and police car with lights on.

(CBS/WTEV) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - In car number one - travelling through Jacksonville, Sunday afternoon - a man and a woman engage in oral sex. In car number two - also moving - another couple witnesses the sexual adventures of couple number one.

That's when things really got up close and personal, according to  CBS affiliate WTEV.

The Nassau County Sheriff's Office told WTEV that the man in the passing car told investigators he asked his girlfriend to look over and see what was going on in the other car. That's when the occupants thereof, Suzanne Welker and Ernest Felix Gonzales, supposedly noticed their exploits were being watched.

Gonzales then allegedly followed the couple in the passing vehicle. A witness told investigators Gonzales tried to run the couple off the road.

Both cars eventually stopped. The witness told investigators that Gonzales approached the driving of the other vehicle in a threatening manner, and that Welker walked over with a gun in her hand. She then pointed it at the witness before driving away, according to the arrest report.

Deputies arrested tWelker and Gonzalez at a home in Fernandina Beach. According to WTEV, Gonzales works as a golf pro at the Amelia Island Golf Club and Welker is an employee at a Compass Bank. Authorities say they found a gun in their car.

The pair face charges of indecent exposure and felony aggravated assault. Welker is also charged with using a firearm while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage.

Gonzales reportedly told police he was angry because people tried to take pictures of his girlfriend (you know, the one with whom he was allegedly having oral sex in a moving car). Welker told police she was drinking at the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game earlier that day.

What'd you see the last time you went for a Sunday drive?