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Highway Horror: Boyfriend Murders Fleeing Girlfriend in Traffic, Kills Himself

Unidentified Family Members of Ashley Oliver (AP)

ST. LOUIS, Ill. (CBS/WBBM)  A woman hemorrhaging from a gunshot wound staggered to dozens of cars in the heat of mid-day Father's Day traffic pleading for help, while her boyfriend trailed behind before finally shooting her in the head, then turning the gun on himself, said CBS affiliate WBBM.

Tommie Hill of East St. Louis, Ill. shot and killed girlfriend Ashley Oliver of Chaokia, Ill. on Interstate 64, 50 feet away from his 7-year-old daughter, reported the station. Hill's daughter was unharmed and is now in the custody of her mother.

At approximately 2 p.m. Sunday, June 20, police began receiving calls from witnesses reporting the fatal shooting. According to eyewitnesses an injured Oliver leapt from the car, which police believe may have still been in motion, and starting running to northbound cars on the freeway, Sgt. Dave Wasmuth told WBBM

WBBM. Oliver pounded on windows--begging for help. Hill closed in on Oliver and pulled the semiautomatic gun from his pants, shooting Oliver in the head before pointing the gun to his own head and pulling the trigger, said the station.

Oliver, 25, was rushed to a hospital in East St. Louis where she was pronounced dead. Hill, also 25, died on the pavement.

According to WBBM, an autopsy indicated that Oliver was shot three times: once in the right side of her neck, once in her right shoulder, and the final shot on the right side of her temple.

Scott Cross, 38, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he attempted to help Oliver, "until he saw that gun."

What led to the horrific scene on Illinois Interstate 64 remains unsolved.

Tyrone Cameron, Hill's uncle, told authorities that he spoke to Hill about an hour before the incident, but nothing in his conversation with Hill alluded to what transpired. Cameron told the Post-Dispatch that the couple "had their ups and downs, but I never thought it would come to this."

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