High-Tech Toys Make A Splash

If you're looking to cool off in or near the water this summer, it doesn't mean you have to leave all your tech tools behind.

Water damage no longer needs to be a concern.

Best Magazine's senior editor, David Gregg, visits The Early Show to demonstrate the following products:

  • Aquapac Waterproof Cases - Cost ranges from $24.99-$59.99. Go to www.waterproofcases.net.
  • Panasonic Shock & Splash Resistant Cordless Phone System (KX-TG5428R) -Cost: $80. Go to www.panasonic.com.
  • Oregon Scientific Waterproof MP3 Player 256MB & FM Radio - Cost: $109.95. Go to www.oregonscientific.com.
  • Olympus Underwater Digital Camera Housings - Cost: $100-$550 (depending on camera model). Go to www.olympus.com.
  • Citizen Hyper Aqualand Professional Diving Watch (MA9024-24E) - Cost: 500. Go to www.citizenwatch.com.
  • The Pepper Pad - Splash Proof Computer/PDA - MSRP: $849. Go to www.pepper.com
  • Sunbrite Outdoor Waterproof/Weatherproof TV - Cost: $2,695. Go to www.sunbritetv.com