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High school valedictorian describes coming out as bisexual in graduation speech

Valedictorian comes out in speech
High school valedictorian ends speech by coming out as bisexual 03:42

A high school graduate in New York made a very personal announcement during his valedictorian speech last week. Seventeen-year-old Mason Bleu called it the scariest thing he's ever done.

"I've struggled to be proud of something all my life, and since I'm preaching about being proud today it would be hypocritical of me to continue hiding," Bleu said in his speech. "For a long time I struggled with my sexuality. I dodged it and ignored it because I wasn't proud of who I am. But today I am changing that. I am proud to be a bisexual man." 

Bleu told "CBS This Morning" what made him decide to include the announcement.

"As I was writing my speech, I was writing about being proud of who you were, proud of what you've achieved in high school or just any accomplishments you wanted to be proud of," Bleu said. "And then I got to the end and I realized there's something that I should be proud of that I'm hiding from everyone."

It wasn't easy though. Bleu said he was worried about what people would think since he doesn't consider himself to be a "stereotypical LGBTQ kid."

"And so people wouldn't ever suspect me at all," Bleu said. "But I didn't want people to think they could-- that it would be okay to hide because other people feeling that way."

Whether or not he would come out as bisexual was something Bleu wrestled with right up to the moment he gave his speech.

"I was told, 'Do it if you want to, don't feel pressure.'" Bleu said. "And so, when I got to the end I knew it was right."

The video of the speech has since gone viral, racking up hundreds of thousands of views.

"I was not expecting this reaction at all," Bleu said. "I had 14 followers when I posted it and now I have 2,000 and a viral video."

Ultimately, Bleu is happy with how it all turned out.

"I am grateful that I did it, I'm grateful for the reaction and I'm, again, proud of doing something so great."

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