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High school teacher's racy Twitter posts under investigation, Colo. officials say

(CBS) AURORA, Colo. - Carly McKinney, a teacher in the Cherry Creek, Colo. School District, has been put on paid leave as the district investigates her Twitter account, CBS Denver reports.

The 23-year-old McKinney, who teaches math at Overland High School in Aurora, reportedly has a Twitter account filled with racy pictures and posts about smoking pot, according to the station.

McKinney told CBS Denver she "didn't feel comfortable talking about the issue," and hung up the phone when a reporter contacted her.

CBS Denver reports the Cherry Creek School District says they are investigating to determine if what was on McKinney's personal Twitter page violates school policy and the law, and if she made the posts herself.

McKinney, who reportedly goes by name "Carly Crunk Bear" on the site, tweeted that she was high while grading papers and had marijuana on school grounds, CBS Denver reports. In a post that was made during school hours, at 10a.m. on a Monday, she stated, "Just got called Ms. McCutie. Points for being clever, however, you are still jailbait."

"The three posts that we are most concerned about are the ones that may indicate that she violated school policy and/or law," Tustin Amole with the Cherry Creek School District said.

The district says teachers are trained on social media issues and their recommendation is to treat social media as if being in a classroom.

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