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High Price For Magic Kingdom

Disneyland is no longer the happiest place on Earth as far as some recent visitors are concerned. Complaints have been lodged about everything from reduced operating hours to the price of admission and food, according to Wednesday's Orange County Register.

At one point, Disneyland cut the operating hours for more than 20 attractions. Officials quickly reversed that decision after numerous complaints.

But paying $3.50 for a hot dog is still ruffling some feathers. Reporter Mike Landa of CBS Radio affiliate KNX in Los Angeles found one woman who paid $60 for breakfast in the Magic Kingdom one recent day.

This year, there are fewer visitors from Japan and South Korea, due to the Asian economic crisis. Nevertheless, says one visitor, the steady rise in prices is frustrating: "People come from all over the world to come here. You'd think it'd be a little bit cheaper."

Disney officials say criticism comes with the territory, and note that the admission price is still in line with what other theme parks charge.

Currently, admission is $38. And that's before you buy a $3.50 hot dog.

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