Hi-Tech London Eatery Defies Recession

It's a tough time to open a restaurant anywhere, let alone in London. The U.K. unemployment rate is reaching record levels and the British pound is plunging against other world currencies.

The city's bankers, famous for their lavish lunching, are booking lunch meetings with head-hunters, rather than clients, at Michelin-star eateries.

But the owners of a new Asian restaurant are among the brave ones brushing off the blood-letting, aiming instead for the trendy media types of London's Soho neighborhood. It takes some smoke and mirrors to grab the attention of this crowd, and the guys behind Inamo are no dummies.

It's billed as a hi-tech restaurant, with interactive tables that work harder than your waiter. A skeptic wouldn't be blamed for questioning both the concept and the cuisine, but in a city that lost its taste for poor food long ago, Inamo is defying critics and the crunch: