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Hey Republicans, Limbaugh And Cheney Will Only Lead To Prolonged Minority Status

By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

Gen. Colin Powell, though arguably one of the most attractive political figures in the country, was drummed out of the Bush White House by an extraordinarily unpopular homunculus, who is now teaming with another homunculus to try to drive Powell out of the party. It won't work Dick Cheney! Teaming up with Rush Limbaugh makes the two men the most reviled political team in the U.S.

The weekend's dustup among Powell, Cheney and Limbaugh served only to further isolate the party's rigid right from the rest of the voting populace. It hands the Democrats more power than they deserve to control. And it alienates all swing voters, moderate Republicans, independents and thinking people from the GOP. Cheney & friends are exclusionary types who think they have the right to decide who's a Republican and who's not, as if anyone would want to be a member of a club to which those two belong.

Instead of appealing to potential Republicans, they are so strident and scary, they send thinking people running for the hills.

Powell is the future of the party. But Cheney, Limbaugh will have to spend the next 20 years watching Republican candidates getting beat on Bush's record, to realize that.

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By Bonnie Erbe