Hey, Geek!

Our resident techie Daniel Sieberg has a piece on the Evening News tonight about "cyberbullying." He expounds on this over at his blog Tech Talk:
When I was growing up I experienced the occasional bullying, which usually amounted to being pushed into a muddy puddle or having my books knocked out of my hands or being called a "geek" or "loser" or some other creative insult. But when school was over, I could retreat to the comfort of my family and friends. With cyberbullying, because of the Internet's always-on nature, victims often feel like there's nowhere to run. Cyberbullying can mean a nasty text message sent to a cell phone, a Web site with deragatory pictures, or an e-mail or instant message campaign to harrass someone.
The world has gotten a lot more complicated, and a lot more nasty. Daniel is interested in hearing your stories of cyberbullying. Visit his blog and share.

Or just stop by and give him a noogie. No wedgies, please.