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Hey 50 Cent, Get Out of My Sex Tape! Woman Sues Rapper for Cutting in on Her Intimate Video

NEW YORK (CBS) 50 Cent, what are you doing in my sex tape?!

Florida woman Lastonia Leviston is suing the rapper, according to E! Online, claiming he used her name and likeness without permission, when he edited himself into her sex tape, and posted it on his own website.

Leviston is also apparently not happy that "Mr. Cent" dressed up in a red wig, too, for his unauthorized role. She says her boyfriend, whose face is blurred, was supposed to destroy the tape, but either sold it or otherwise transferred it to the rapper, who used it as comic fodder.

In the rapper's allegedly edited version, 50 Cent stars as "Big Pimpin' Curly."

The suit was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Leviston reportedly said in a radio interview that the rapper refers to her as a "call girl" causing her severe emotional distress.