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He's Got Stars In His Soup

Some celebrities are being catered to in a new way, reports CBS This Morning Contributor Eleanor Mondale.

Singer Michael Feinstein was extremely relaxed recently, just before he was to throw a dinner party. That may have been because he and the guests were the ones doing the cooking.

Chef Nick Grippo is the author of Hollywood Dish. After years of catering to the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Simon, and Cindy Williams, Grippo is teaching celebrities to cook for themselves.

"I love the process of cooking," says Feinstein. "I love the smells, everybody congregated in the kitchen. Nick is so engaging and easy to be with that it's something that is fun."

Things start cooking when Feinstein's friends (including actor Richard Thomas) join the party. Grippo says the fun part is when things don't go exactly as planned.

He adds there's just one bad about teaching his clients to cook: "It wipes my job out. Catering."

At Feinstein's party, the proof was in the pudding - or at least in the chicken, which, said one guest, was "like butter."

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