"Hero" Takes Wheel When Mom Passes Out

The ten-year-old girl called 911 as she steered the car. A police officer running alongside helped stop it. All three spoke with Maggie Rodriguez on The Early Show.

A quick-thinking 10-year-old girl is being called a hero after taking control of the car her mother was driving when the woman had a seizure and passed out.

Cassandra Osborne was in the passenger seat when her mother, Gretchan Osborne, lost consciousness.

Frantic, Gretchan called 911, but had the presence of mind to grab the steering wheel to guide the car as she spoke to the operator. Cassandra couldn't get Grethan's leg off the accelerator.

A Galesburg, Ill. police officer who spotted the car, Timothy Jenkins, also reacted in a hurry, managing to run alongside and take control of the steering wheel, and helping Cassandra bring the vehicle to a stop.

On The Early Show Thursday, co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez spoke with all three. Also, parts of Cassandra's 911 call were played.

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