Hero Richard Camp Stops Bank Robbery, Sues Bank (Let Him Explain It)

Richard Camp (KCAL)
Richard Camp (KCAL)

LONG BEACH, Calif. (CBS/AP) - Richard Camp took a bullet to tackle a gunman at the Farmers and Merchants Bank where he's been a customer for nine years. Hailed as a hero, he was hoping for a little payday while he heals.

To get it, he's now suing the bank.

The 39-year-old Camp, a general contractor who has a wife, Jean, and a 3-year-old daughter, Aubrey,  told the Los Angeles Times he was anticipating "some kind of reward, or the bank would offer me some kind of assistance," after he got shot in the  thigh during the March 5 confrontation with a gunman charged with attempted robbery.  A woman was also wounded.

Camp says he's unable to work while he recovers and worries about supporting his family, telling the newspaper, "I just wanted to be taken care of in the interim until I get better."

Bank President Daniel Walker says Camp declined an offer to pay his medical expenses and rejected an invitation to lunch where bank executives would have discussed the situation.

Camp told the paper his wife's insurance will take care of the medical bills. His lawsuit, filed Wednesday, accuses the bank of negligence and failing to provide a safe environment for customers.

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: Is Richard Camp an ungrateful hero, or does the bank owe him something more?