Hero Pilot: Sight of Firefighters "Comforting"

Delta pilot Jack Conroyd talks to reporters outside his Lake Mary, Fla., home Sept. 29, 2010, about successfully guiding his disabled commercial jet into a New York airport.
The pilot who successfully guided a disabled commercial jet into a New York airport late last week told reporters Wednesday that it was "comforting" to see police officers and firefighters along the runway during the plane's emergency landing.

"It was very comforting as we were coming in to land at the airport to see them waiting for us," Delta pilot Jack Conroyd told reporters outside his Lake Mary, Fla., home Wednesday.

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Conroyd also said he's never experienced anything like the emergency landing of Delta Flight 4951 from Atlanta at New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport Saturday night.

"I'm retired Navy, and this is the most significant incident I've ever had in the 32 years I've been flying," Conroyd said.

Conroyd thanked his crew, air traffic controllers and the passengers.

"The crew performed their duties flawlessly with complete professionalism during our emergency landing at JFK," Conroyd said. "The passengers … proved that once again New Yorkers are a special breed of people."

All 64 passengers on the flight got off without serious injury.