"Hero" Mayor Says Beating: "Very Ugly"

Mayor Tom Barrett is being called the "Hero of Milwaukee." The nickname comes after Barrett tried to intervene at the Wisconsin state fair when he came upon a young man attacking an older woman who was holding a baby and screaming for help.

Upon hearing the woman's cries, Barrett tried to dial 911, but couldn't complete the call. That's because 20-year-old Anthony Peters, Barrett said on "The Early Show" Tuesday, "came out of nowhere," stomped on his cell phone and began beating him with a metal bar.

Barrett suffered cuts to his head and face, as well as several broken teeth and a severely fractured hand.

The 55-year-old said on "The Early Show" he has received some new teeth and will receive more in the coming weeks. He added his hand is badly fractured and it will be at least 10 weeks before he knows the range of motion he will have.

"But [I'm] on the mend," he said, "and I feel good about that."

Molly Flood, Barrett's niece, who did get through to 911, also appeared on the broadcast Tuesday. She said as her uncle was being hit, she called police and tried to distract Peters from hitting Barrett.

"Adrenaline had just sort of taken over," Flood said. "I just said, 'Something needs to be done,' and if he's going to come after me, he's going to come after me. ... I just started screaming, 'I'm going to call 911.'"

Prosecutors say 20-year-old Anthony J. Peters was arguing with the grandmother because he wanted to see his 1-year-old daughter. Peters is charged with two felonies and two misdemeanors in the attack.

To view the interview with Mayor Tom Barrett and his niece, Molly Flood, click on the video below:

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