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Helping Hand for Dave

Dave spent most of his first day on the road with the McClain family.
Jason (in the photo) signed up for Twitter -- just so he could contact Dave. He started sending him messages and, honestly, it was hard to believe he would actually give him a lift to Vegas. But when we met him at Orange County's SNA Airport, we knew he was serious.

Jason said he would give Dave a ride if he would babysit his kids and wash his car -- so Dave got to work. My favorite part of the entire day was when Kayla and Dave had a tea party. Check out some of the QIK video to see it was like. Dave definitely put in a lot of work for his ride!

Then, we headed for Las Vegas, where KLAS-TV asked Dave to help them out with a broadcast. After that -- well, I have no idea. I'm shocked that Dave has gotten as far as he has. We're making pretty good time!

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