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Hello Mr. Chips

He's on the cover of the February issue of Wired Magazine. Kevin Warwick is a professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading near London. A year and a half ago, he had his first computer chip implant. It transmitted signals to computers programmed to recognize his actions....

"Essentially, what that did...the computer in the building at Reading was able to track me as I moved around through different doorways and so on. So it knew where I was and what time I went there and when I left."
And it was able to open doors and switch on lights and such. Now Warwick is working on a new implant...that will connect to his nervous system...

"Again, it'll be positioned in my left arm and the nervous fibers which go down the center of the arm essentially we'll be tapping onto them with a little collar."
If it works, in the summer of next year, he'll be able to use a computer to control various movements of his body. Why?

Well, I really want to look ahead into how humans evolve and the possilibity of humans evolving into Cyborgs."
It could lead to medical advances as well. And there are plans to install an implant in Warwick's wife ...

"We're looking at sending signals from person to person, from nervous system to nervous system across the Internet."
You can find a link to Professor Warwick's web site at

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