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Hello, Crime Stoppers? Got Any Illegal Drugs? Oops, Wrong Number

Drug Dialing? Man Calls Crimestoppers Looking for "Score" Drugs

NEW YORK (CBS/WIVB/AP) It's absolutely the last number to call to get "hooked up" with illegal drugs.

A upstate New York man looking to buy drugs misdialed and got the sheriff's "Crime Stoppers" line instead.

Erie County Sheriff's Detective Alan Rozansky said he got a call around noon on Monday and answered with his usual "Crime Stoppers."

But apparently the caller didn't hear that - and told Rozansky he was looking "to score" drugs.

Rozansky told CBS affiliate WIVB that he was surprised but played along and arranged a meeting with undercover officers.

"I couldn't believe that he really was doing this," Rozansky told the station. "I actually was stunned he'd actually follow through and meet us, but he did."

The officers didn't arrest the caller but used him as an informant to lead them to another transaction taking place down the road.

There, police arrested a 35-year-old woman trying to sell her prescription painkillers to a Buffalo man.

The careless caller is off the hook for now.