Photographer captures parents' emotional first moments with 12 sets of newborn twins

Hospital caring for record 12 sets of twins
Hospital caring for record 12 sets of twins 01:43

A hospital in Kansas City spent the holiday weekend caring for 12 sets of newborn twins — all born premature and all doing well. Fraternal twins Callie and Camden Riley are nestled in their mother Whitney's arms.

"He's still on oxygen and he's still on feeding tubes right now, but she's kind of progressing more than him," Whitney said. 

They are one of 12 sets of twins in neonatal intensive care at St. Luke's in Kansas City, Missouri — the hospital believes it is the most it has ever had.

All of them were born prematurely, with the youngest babies arriving this week.

Whitney and her newborn twins,  Callie and Camden Riley Courtesy of Helen Ransom, Faces You Love Photography

"It's super stressful having babies in the NICU," said Helen Ransom.

Ransom, a photographer, captured the first images of the babies and their parents for free — something she does because she can relate. "I have identical triplet boys myself," Ransom said. "They spent 17, 18 and 20 days in the NICU." 

Ransom said the road ahead may be uncertain for the parents, but they should never forget their first time cradling their children.

"When you hold your babies together for the first time and have that how did this happen moment," Ransom said. 

Photographer Helen Ransom.  CBS News

She said her triplets now are "fantastic."

"It has been the greatest joy to watch them grow and become best friends with each other," Ransom said. 

St. Luke's is working to make sure all the twins can be home by their original due dates, which means some may be able to spend their first Christmas at home. 

Callie and Camden Riley and their parents. Courtesy of Helen Ransom, Faces You Love Photography