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Hecklers Want Clinton to Iron Their Shirts

From CBS News' Fernando Suarez

SALEM, N.H. -- Hillary Clinton was nearly 20 minutes into her speech tonight in Salem when a man stood up with a sign that read "Iron My Shirt" and started chanting the phrase. Then a few seconds later another man stood up with the same sign and was yelling it.

"Oooh, the remnants of sexism are alive," Clinton responded.

"If there's anyone left in the auditorium who wants to learn how to iron his own shirt?" Clinton asked as the crowd laughed.

As the men were being escorted out of the auditorium Clinton said, "I think, as this has been abundantly demonstrated, I'm also running to break through the highest and hardest glass ceiling."

Of note: the sign, which is intended as a jab to women, is not original.

Back in 2003, when protestors picketed the Augusta National Golf Club, the famous men-only home of the Masters tournament, counter-protestors held up signs which read: "Iron My Shirt" and "Make My Dinner."

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