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Heather Bogle murder: Could Daniel Myers have killed before?

Sneak peek: Good Cop/Bad Cop
Sneak peek: Good Cop/Bad Cop: Solving the Murder of Heather Bogle 02:37

When she heard an arrest had been made in the 2015 murder of Heather Bogle, Loriann Haley knew the name of the suspect, Daniel Myers, very well.

"I was like, someday he was gonna get caught," says Haley. "It was unfortunate how he got caught with having to do with another girl being murdered."

Haley has long suspected Myers, who pleaded guilty to Heather Bogle's murder in February 2019, is also responsible for the death of her sister, Leigh Ann Sluder. Sluder was Myer's ex-girlfriend, who died of a single gunshot to her chest in 2009. Authorities arrived to find her with a .22 caliber rifle lying in bed next to her. Though the case was quickly ruled a suicide, Haley insists that Myers, who reported the death to police, is the one who shot her sister.

Daniel Myers pleaded guilty to the 2015 murder of Heather Bogle. Was he also responsible for the shooting death of his former girlfriend, Leigh Ann Suder, in 2009? Pictured from left: Heather Bogle, Daniel Myers and Leigh Ann Sluder. Sandusky County Sheriff's Office/Loriann Haley

"It was hard for me to move on because ... I knew Danny had killed her," she tells CBS News chief investigative and senior national correspondent Jim Axelrod, reporting for "48 Hours," in "Good Cop/Bad Cop: Solving the Murder of Heather Bogle," airing Saturday at 10/9c on CBS.

One thing that always haunted Haley is why her sister — who she says hated guns — had one in her home.

"He [Myers] supposedly told investigators it was for her protection," she says. "I'm thinking to myself, 'Protection from what?'"

Haley also questions how her sister could have reached the trigger of a firearm with such a long barrel and asks why gunshot residue tests weren't done on her sister or Myers' hands to see who pulled the trigger. Sandusky County Sheriff Chris Hilton, who was not a member of the department when Sluder was killed, agrees that investigators did not handle the case as well as they should have.  

"I will tell you it is of my belief that when you have a dead body, gunshot wound, that kind of thing, you treat it as a homicide until you can prove otherwise," Hilton tells Axelrod. "And that is not what was done at the time."

Sheriff Hilton decided to revisit Sluder's case after Myers was arrested for Bogle's murder. And to Haley's disappointment, his team reached the same conclusion as the original investigators: that Sluder's death was suicide. Hilton's team determined that Leigh Ann would have been able to reach the rifle's trigger.  What's more, during his investigation, the family of Daniel Myers gave the team what's been described as a suicide note found in Sluder's handwriting.  Myers' family claim they found the note in his trailer after his arrest. But, Haley has big questions about that note and wonders why, if it is real, Daniel Myers would have held onto it for so long after her sister's death. Haley continues to believe her sister was murdered by Myers and had the initial investigation been more thorough, it might have saved Heather Bogle's life.

"Do you think if your sister's death had been properly investigated, Heather Bogle would be alive?" Axelrod asks Haley. "Yes," she replies.

Myers is currently serving a life sentence for Bogle's murder.

"Good Cop/Bad Cop: Solving the Murder of Heather Bogle," airs Saturday at 10/9c on CBS.

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