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Heart disease hits workaholics hard: Are you at risk?

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(CBS) If you're reading this at work, go home.

That's the advice from new research showing that working long hours can dramatically increase your risk for heart attack.

Haven't left yet? Alright then, here are the gory details.

Office workers in England who put in 11-hour days or longer, were 67 percent more likely to develop heart disease than their less ambitious peers, according to a Healthday review of the study.

The researchers at University College London couldn't nail down exactly why long days at the desk were putting people at risk, but the usual grab bag of problems is on the radar: more stress, not enough sleep, not enough exercise and an increased chance of a junky diet.

The respondents were overwhelmingly male (70 percent) and white (91 percent).

No word on how many hours the researchers spent at the office doing this study, but if you ever needed an excuse to take a day off, just tell your boss it could save your life - and probably hers too.

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