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Heart attack snack: deep-fried butter on a stick

(CBS) - Summertime is winding down; it's time to fit in as many summer experiences as possible before the cold, hard fall. So have a picnic! Ride a bike! Go to the fair! Or how about you just eat a stick of fried butter?

CBS affiliate KCCI has the story of the deliciously unhealthy Iowa state fair. The butter is melted in the fryer, you see. So it's not like you're really eating a full stick of butter on a stick. Except for the part where you totally are. But how else are you going to celebrate the butter cow's 100th birthday? Not deep-fry a stick of butter and cover it in honey and sugar? That's just crazy.

Fry on, Iowa. Fry on. Just don't make me eat it.

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