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Eye on Antibiotics
Find out more about how antibiotics work, their benefits and the harm they can do.

In the wake of anthrax attacks across the nation, learn where it has hit, what the deadly bacteria does to your body, how you can get it and how to avoid it in your own mailbox.

Home Health Hazards
Discover what hazards your home may be harboring and find out how to get rid of them.

Stem Cell Research
Follow the controversial debates on stem cell research. Learn how scientists obtain embryos used for experiments and how the stem cells are ultimately harvested.

Heart Disease
Learn more about different types of heart disease and find out if your state has a higher incidence of mortality from the disease. Explore different treatments and assess your own risk.

Under the Microscope: Cancer
Learn about the most common cancers, who gets them and how they are treated. Discover how the disease attacks the human body and which cancers are the leading killers.

AIDS: The Modern Pandemic
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS, has gone on to kill more than 22 million people worldwide in he past 20 years. Review a history of the disease and HIV, search U.S. statistics and see how AIDS has spread throughout the world.

Tobacco Road
A Timeline: Health, Congress and the courts.

Dope and Glory
60 Minutes II: Find out more about drug testing and performance-enhancing drugs.

Human Cloning
Explore the mysteries and debates of human cloning and the historical breakthroughs of the Human Genome Project.

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