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Health Reform Opponents: "I Guess I'm Racist"

A video opposing health care reform that came out last month is causing a stir on the Internet today. The spot features Americans staring at directly at the camera and saying something you don't much hear in polite company: "I guess I'm racist." The reason? They oppose President Obama's health care reform efforts. Watch at left.

The video appears to be the work of filmmaker Ray Griggs, who has released a documentary called "I Want Your Money." Introducing the spot on his Web page, Griggs writes that "Americans have every right to speak out against the ruinous direction our nation is currently heading without being labeled a racist."

Griggs calls the video a "national commercial," though it is not clear whether it has run on television. According to a posting on the conservative Web site Free Republic, it has appeared on Fox News.

Blogger Andrew Sullivan, who flagged the video Sunday, says it's "an effective ad against something of a straw man." He suggests Griggs is "[c]onflating wider worries about the intensity of vaguely articulated loathing of Obama as racially tinged with specific worries about health insurance reform."

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