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He Says He's Sorry…But Is He?

Bernie said he was sorry.

And now he's going to jail.

I was in lower Manhattan this morning in front of the federal courthouse when Bernie Madoff's Kia SUV pulled up.

Four security people popped out to make sure Madoff made it inside.

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There were helicopters overhead which provided pictures of Madoff's final journey from his penthouse apartment, to what in all likelihood will be a life behind bars.

I was across the street, so I couldn't hear everything that was said to Madoff as he walked into the courthouse, but there were no screams of "liar!" or "cheat!" or "thief!"

He looked rich. Bespoke suit. Custom shirt. Wavy hair. Soon he'll be snuggling into a jump suit. Standard issue.

Of the eleven charges Bernie pleaded guilty to, the one most conspicuous by its absence was the charge of conspiracy.

Madoff couldn't admit that because it would implicate his sons, his brother and others. Bernie is sorry, but he's not helping prosecutors who are certain he did not act alone.
By Harry Smith

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