Having Fun Breaking Records

It's Guinness World Records Week, and The Early Show and Guinness World Records invite you to be part of the show.

The weeklong celebration marks the release of the 2003 edition of "Guinness World Records" with current record holders on hand every morning from 7 to 9 a.m., Aug. 26 through 31, at the Plaza, 59th Street and Fifth Avenue.

You don't need tickets for this event, which includes free ice cream and such prizes as hats and T-shirts.

Here's the schedule:

  • Monday, Aug. 26: Most Hula Hoops Spun – Lori Lynn Lomeli, world champion Hula Hoop competitor, tried to reclaim her record and spin an amazing 84 Hula Hoops for three rotations. Free Hula Hoops were distributed throughout this event!
  • Tuesday, Aug. 27: Fastest Time To Clear 10 Pool Tables – Dave Pearson, pool player extraordinaire, featured on MTV, "Dog Eat Dog," CBS primetime and more, tried to clear an amazing 10 racks from two tables in less than 10 minutes.
  • Wednesday, Aug. 28: Largest Ice Cream Scoop Pyramid – Carvel Ice Cream broke the record to build an ice cream pyramid with more than 3,100 scoops of its delicious summertime treat. Free Dixie Cups and Flying Saucers were the handed out to the audience throughout the segment!
  • Thursday, Aug. 29: The fastest balloon sculptor, John Cassidy broke his own record of most balloon shapes made in an hour. His record back in February was 468-alloons in an hour. On The Early Show he made 494.
  • Friday, Aug. 30: Most Consecutive Free Throws – Ted St. Martin has made an amazing 5,221 consecutive foul shots. Though he did not break his record, he offered tips to the audience.
  • Saturday, Aug. 31: Most People Crammed Into a Volkswagen Beetle – The current Guinness World Record sits at an astounding 25 people! Come cheer on two special teams as they attempt to set a new record!