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Have You Seen Christie Wilson?

In California, police are questioning a man in the mysterious disappearance of a young woman last seen leaving a casino.

National correspondent Hattie Kauffman reports 27-year-old Christie Wilson vanished Oct. 5. Wilson was last seen at the Thunder Valley Casino in Roseville, Calif., near Sacramento with a man almost twice her age.

"It's horrible, just horrible," her mother, Debbie Boyd, said.

A police officer reports, "They met each other, went from table to table, walked out together to the parking lot."

Police say surveillance cameras caught the two walking toward the man's car. Detectives have located the 53-year-old married man, and say he's a "person of interest," after finding evidence in his vehicle.

At a press conference, police reported, "We did find items of forensic evidence that we're taking to the lab."

"My gut tells me keep focusing on that 53-year-old man," Debbie Boyd told The Early Show. "He absolutely knows and has more detail, but he's not, at this point, disclosing. He just becomes even that much more suspicious because he just clams up and doesn't seem to be able to want to talk. Surveillance cameras don't show her going anywhere else, but out the door with him."

Officers used search dogs to comb fields near the casino Wednesday, Lt. George Malim said. The operation wasn't prompted by any leads, "other than it was the last place she was seen," he said.

Wilson was last seen on the evening of Oct. 4 by her boyfriend, Daniel Burlando, while she was visiting and staying at his home in Sacramento. He is not considered a suspect or person of interest. Burlando says he got a voicemail from Wilson on Oct. 4 to let him know that she would be out that night at the casino. And he didn't worry when she didn't return on Oct. 5 because according to Burlando, Wilson would on occasion stay out all night.

A day later on Oct. 6, when he didn't hear from her, he went to the casino and discovered her car was still parked in the lot. He filed the missing persons report with police on Oct. 6, and notified her parents as well.

Wilson's silver BMW was parked about 200 yards from the man's vehicle, Malim said. Detectives were unable to determine if Wilson got into the man's car because the glare of headlights obscured the camera's view.

"There's no explanation for why she didn't get to her car," Debbie Boyd said. "Christie was really good at is staying in communication with her family. She typically would call me or I would call her, commuting to and from work via the cell phone. And by Wednesday of last week her voice mailbox was completely full. And Christie was resourceful. Certainly, if she had a problem with the cell phone and ran out of battery, she would know how to access voice mail remotely and there's been no attempt to do so."

Pat Boyd, Wilson's step-dad, is an investigator for the San Jose Police Department and he says from experience what they need to break the case is to find "other witnesses in the parking lot who saw them get into a car; what their conversation was like; how they got into the car; which direction they went; and hopefully where they went to. Maybe someone saw where they went. Maybe the car they were driving actually stopped somewhere. That's really important."

The Boyds noted they are staying out of the investigation. Pat Boyd explained, "We're mainly focused on the people who are searching for her. That part we haven't gotten to. I know we have video and we're going to talk to people who sat next to them to find out what their conversation was. But right now we're just so centered on trying to find her."

Her mother said she is positive her daughter is alive. She said, "You go through an emotional rollercoaster. I just want to focus on being positive and the fact that I know that she was a healthy girl and very strong. If she was left somewhere very remote, hopefully, she's hanging on and to know that people are really searching for her and wanting to come to her safety."

To the public, she wants others to know "that while she is an extremely social gal, she's always very driven," Debbie Boyd said. "Christie was the type that if she focused on something, it was going to happen, regardless. And you know, there's the upside and downside of being too social, perhaps maybe being too trusting."