Have I Got Story For You...

Assignment America is a way for you to have a say in our newscast. Every Friday you're invited to vote for a story you'd like to see me cover the following week.

Unfortunately, your say in the matter has been somewhat limited. Until now, you've had to choose from three stories we provided. But we're changing that. We'll still come up with some of the choices -- but we're going to start using viewer generated ideas too. So If you've got something or someone you think would make a good choice for Assignment America, let us know. If you're not exactly sure what we're looking for, that's OK. I have a few rough guidelines that may help you come up with a top-notch story idea. On the Assignment America page I've written a little column called "What makes a good story idea?". Give it a look. Even if you don't have an idea right now -- I'd love for you to be my eyes and ears in (fill in the name of your city here) and let me know when you hear of something I should cover.

What's in it for you? First, if we use your idea, I'll credit you on the air. But more importantly, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you've brought some much needed good news to America.

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to seeing your ideas.

  • Steve Hartman

    Steve Hartman has been a CBS News correspondent since 1998, having served as a part-time correspondent for the previous two years.