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Have A Good Hair Day At The Beach

For most guys, a day at the beach is just a time to kick back and relax. For women, even the most perfect beach day can be a bad hair day. Stylist-to-the-stars David Evangelista talked to The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith about ways women can stay chic in the sun without much effort.

Before choosing a style that works well on the beach, women need to use the right products to protect their hair and scalp from the sun's harmful rays.

"Even though you have hair on your head, your scalp will still burn," Evangelista advised.

The first look women with longer hair can try is the three-quarter ponytail. "It's just really, really simple on the beach," said Evangelista.

To create the look, simply pull two sections of hair into a loose ponytail below the crown of the head. Then, take the rest of the hair and twist it into the pony tail, securing it into an up do with two hair pins.

"It's quick, simple, and easy, and she can actually go out with friends after," he said.

A second option is to braid the hair into two separate braids and then twist the braids into one ponytail and pin that up in a chignon.

"If she didn't want to do an up do with the braids, afterwards, she can take the braids out and have a soft wave to her hair," he said.

For women with short hair, Evangelista recommended a deep side part for a fashionable look on the beach. It's easy to add to the look by using a decorative bobby pin or barrette to pin back the hair on one side. Other options include wearing a headband or slicking hair back with a really soft setting gel.

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