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For $125K, you can own a "haunted house" in Texas

MINERAL WELLS, Texas -- For $125,000, you can be the proud owner of a three bedroom, two bathroom home that sits in the heart of Mineral Wells, Texas.

But there's a catch -- you need to be comfortable with the idea of sharing the property with paranormal spirits. The current owner, Phil Kirchhoff, says as many as nine inhabitants call the place home.

"When we bought the house, we had no idea that it was haunted," Kirchhoff told CBS Dallas / Fort Worth. "I wasn't involved in the paranormal [activity] at that point. The neighbors all started talking about it. They started telling us stories."

The 2,800-square-foot home sits in the shadow of the historic Baker Hotel. It's about a block and a half away.

Becky Foley, with Source 1 Real Estate, says this is her most unique listing to date. She herself doesn't delve into the paranormal activity, but confesses to witnessing some odd occurrences.

"A client got literally nauseously ill and thought she was going to pass out and ran out," Foley said. "She kept saying, 'I can't go back in there. Something hit me the moment you opened the door. I cannot go back in there.'"

According to Kirchhoff, that's not unusual. He says the "spirits do not want some people in this house" and "they'll chase them out" if that's the case.

The home's many living spaces are furnished with relics from different eras that belonged to the people who live there. Lone toy carousels and stuffed animals eerily sit on the floorboards.

At one point, the home had three bathrooms, but one room was sealed up for an unknown reason. The closed-off room comes equipped with a unique safety feature that resembles burglar bars.

"We've heard it could have been a brothel," Foley said. "We wonder if some of the people were maybe kept against their will, hence the bars. We don't know."

Even though the home has been appraised at just over $26,000, Foley says the $125,000 price tag reflects the business opportunity that resides there.

Currently, the property attracts brave souls interested in investigating paranormal activity. On weekends, groups explore the house and often share their findings with a community of enthusiasts on the Haunted Hill House's Facebook page. Tours are booked through September.

Foley says Kirchhoff does not live at the residence, but hopes the right buyer will embrace his passion for the property.

"His hope is whoever takes it and buys it will have the love for what he loves," Foley said. "I think it will make a cool bed and breakfast. We'll just have to see what its future holds."

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