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Hathaway Accentuates The Positives

Anne Hathaway may have a hard time topping 2008.

She starred in the summer's blockbuster "Get Smart" and also "Rachel Getting Married." On Friday Hathaway makes her way back to theaters in "Bride Wars."

"Yes. I was just talking to someone. We said, you know, 2008, I don't know anyone that had a uniformly wonderful 2008. It seems like it was a lot of extremes for a lot of people. So I think 2009 is going to be great because I think everyone's kind of ready for anything. And I think when you're ready for anything, you're kind of like, all right, you know what? Bring it on, life. You're more curious and open so I think it's going to be really good," Hathaway told Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez.

When reflecting upon 2008, however, Hathaway embraces the highs rather than the lows.

"I think of extremely wonderful highs. I feel like 2008 was the year in which I learned how to be loved and taken care of because I couldn't have gotten through the year without the support of my friends and my family. And that's a really hard thing to learn. And I'm a very independent person. And I don't know. I never let myself go there before," she said.

Hathaway has also experienced highs professionally that have seemed to replace any negative fallout regarding her breakup with Italian business man/con man Raffaello Follieri.

Now it's all about her accomplishments.

"Yeah it seems to be. To be able to follow up all that, you know, the hoopla of last summer, and it was, you know, whatever it was, but to be able to then say to everyone, OK, here's a film. Here's a part. Here's my work that I'm so proud of. I'm a tremendously lucky girl," she said.

Hathaway is up for a Golden Globe this weekend for her breakthrough role in "Rachel Getting Married." There has been Oscar buzz surrounding her role as well.

"No, I cannot believe it. It's amazing. You know, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't hope it would happen at some point in my career, but I always imagined I'd be 50 by the time I gained a performance that could be considered worthy of recognition. And so I don't know what to say about it. I feel -- it feels like it's too much," Hathaway admitted.

Her "Bride Wars" co-star Kate Hudson said that she is not only beautiful and smart, but at the same time, goofy, too.

"Oh, I'm a big dork. I'm a big old dork. And you know what? I got much happier in life once I stopped -- I used to try to think that maybe cool was an option. It's not. So I feel a lot happier now just embracing my inner geek and going with it. So Kate was definitely on to something. Kate's a cool girl. Kate is not a dork. She can be goofy, but she's not a dork," she said.

Hathaway and Hudson play lifelong friends who always dreamed of getting married at a New York landmark, The Plaza. The twist is that they wind up fighting over the same wedding date.

"It's not about who gets the best wedding which is, I think, an important thing to say about this movie because we're not anti-feminists, we're not regressive, we're not stuck in the dark ages, but it is a story about a friendship that's evolving and about two girls who have to learn to become women before they can be brides," she said.

One scene that got Hathaway hooked on doing the film was tackling Hudson while wearing a wedding dress.

"That is the shot that made me want to do the movie when I read that. I said 'I get to tackle Kate Hudson with both of us in wedding dresses,' I said, 'I have to do this!'" she admitted. "I would actually like that moment to be captured on film forever. I would like to see that moment."