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Hatch: Senate GOP Dedicated to Stopping Health Bill

Senior Republican Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said his Democratic colleagues do not even know what is in the Senate version of the health care bill on "Washington Unplugged" Friday.

"They don't even know what, most of the Senators on the Democratic side have not even seen the bill," he told Bob Schieffer.

He lamented what he said were additional costs in the latest version of the health care legislation.

"These people just have no concept at all about what they are doing the taxpayers," he said.

Schieffer asked if Senate Democrats could pass the bill by Christmas.

"They might be able to do that," Hatch said. But he suggested Democrats won't be able to garner any Republican support.

"Bob, I really don't think so," Hatch told Schieffer.

Watch the full interview above.

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