Hasbro sues to stop "Dungeons and Dragons" movie


Hasbro filed a lawsuit on Monday against producer Courtney Solomon's Sweetpea Entertainment, alleging that does not have the rights to make a new film that exploits its "Dungeons and Dragons" brand, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Solomon produced the 2000 film version of "Dungeons and Dragons" and is reportedly working with Warner Bros. on another film based on the board game Chainmail. However, Hasbro has already licensed a "Dungeons & Dragons" reboot to Universal Studios. So the company and its Wizards of the Coast subsidiary has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Sweetpea that declares it owns rights to the property as well as an injunction to stop the Warner Bros. film (who is not named as a defendant in the lawsuit).

According to the complaint, Sweetpea acquired rights to the property by an agreement in 1994. As part of the agreement, Solomon's company got the right to do a sequel or prequel.

However, the lawsuit states, "Sweetpea's claim of ownership of the theatrical motion picture rights in the Property is baseless because the Sequel Rights have reverted to Hasbro."